Bespoke Interior and styling, Chennai

This eleventh floor apartment offers beautiful views across languid backwaters off the Bay of Bengal. This in itself meant that the design didn’t require much to imbue it with a sense of space – rather, a more muted approach was taken to open up the space and allow for sweeping views across spaces as well as over the water and sky outside. Windows were made larger to fully utilize the value of natural light and separation walls were removed to create a sense of spaciousness where each area flows into the next without inhibitions, and with common elements that tie the various rooms and areas together. By avoiding cluttering with objects and themes that felt too ‘designed’ and having a more tempered, styled and organized space with areas designated for various functions, the design is meant to work well for day to day living while exuding serenity and calmness. Most of the art & objects used to decorate the apartment are by artists & sculptors based in Auroville have been used to form part of a whole rather than stand out as highlighters. The large 8ft aquarium continues the theme within the apartment with an aquascape that uses dragon rocks and glass catfish as the foreground to a mural in the background.