Proposal for holiday home layout

The brief was not just of designing the layout but to develop a design and construction process which could be easily replicated in future projects for the developers. The total land area is 3700 sqm on which the 10 homes would sit – each having not more than 100sqm of built up area.

Putting 10 homes on this small piece of land, had us address the layout differently, making a more linear layout with twin houses –two houses sharing a wall frees up space between adjacent homes, giving more open area between two units. Creating such twin units enhance the feeling of open space, give small individual private backyards while allowing for a cozy residential street like feel once entering the compound.

An active rain water harvesting system was integrated, for reusing roof runoffs for irrigation.

The landscape is kept deliberately minimal, using only few varieties of plants and trees, using repetition, colors and forms to create focal points, using trellis and low planters for demarcation between common and private areas.